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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dispute? What is the resolution process?

A dispute opens when the owner and the renter don’t agree to terms concerning additional charges, damages, repayment, etc.
When a dispute occurs, it gets appointed to RV Wala’s resolution team. They will collect all the necessary details and documentation, and then they will inspect the case.

Why should I list my RV under RV Wala?

RV Wala can allow you to earn without doing much. You can rent out your RVs when you don’t need them.
We provide our listers with benefits while everything needed like marketing, security, renting policies, and acceptance-rejection is on us.

How does the booking process work?

The customers can make a booking request by sending a direct application to your inbox. You can accept or reject their applications based on trip information and requirements. Also, you can clear your doubts by having an open-end conversation with them before deciding on your rental decision.

What makes a successful RV handover?

For a successful RV handover, the owner and the renter must be completely comfortable with the rental. Before the renter’s trip, confirm every information exchanged during your communication with the renter.

How are renters verified?

For insurance and security purposes, we do a background check on all renters before renting your RV once they pay and confirm their request. The renters must also verify their identity.
RV Wala also ensures that all renters meet specific requirements to rent an RV, which include having adequate driving experience and a clean driving record.

What if I need to cancel a booking?

As an owner of RV Wala, we understand that you might need to cancel a booking if your RV is unfit to be on the road. If this occurs, the amount will get refunded to the renter, and you will not receive any payout.
Before cancelling a booking, you should always notify the renter. Even they should be aware of the reason for the cancellation and have adequate time to find another RV for their trip.

What is RV Wala? How does it work?

RV Wala is a brand located in Canada to offer you well-maintained rental assistance at a reasonable price. It has its focus fixed on providing the best holidays and vacations.
You can make a passive earning out of your RVs while it is not in use by renting them out to the ones who need them. We will provide you with all the assistance and insurance required by you to rent your RVs.

How does the booking process work?

Browse the RV Wala site and send booking requests or enquiries to RV owners for your trip dates. After they have accepted your request and you have asked them relevant questions concerning your doubts, you can decide whether the rental is appropriate for you or not. You can either confirm the booking or decline the requests for RVs that don’t fit your needs.

How do I make sure the rental goes smoothly?

For a successful RV handover, the owner and the renter must be completely comfortable with the rental. Before the trip, confirm every information exchanged during your communication with the owner.
A complete inspection form by RV Wala is to be filled out by both of you before the RV takeover. Both parties should be completely satisfied as RV heads out.

What is an approved driver?

After booking confirmation, the renter must complete a background and driving record check. They must have a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record and insurance profile, and a valid credit card. If you meet the requirements, we will authorise you as an Approved Driver on the booking.

How do fees and payments work?

On every booking, RV Wala applies a service fee to the total rental amount, any selected add-ons, and all closeout charges except damage charges. Service fees are determined based upon several factors, including lead time to the booking, RV availability in a given area, vehicle value, trip duration, and vehicle value.
All payments are made directly through RV Wala to ensure protection. We also encourage you to keep all communication through the website for security. We accept payments by credit card or debit Visa cards.

What if I need to cancel a booking?

RV Wala has drafted a fair and equitable cancellation policy for both renters and owners. If a renter needs to cancel a booking, the implementation of the cancellation policy starts from the cancellation date. If an owner needs to cancel a booking, the amount paid by the renter will be fully refunded, including all fees and taxes.

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