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About Renting

The option to allow pets or not in their RV is totally up to the host. While creating a listing, there is an option using which the host can indicate if they allow pets or not. Also, you can filter RVs in which you can take pets using our search function present on the website.

RV Wala allows the host to decide which vehicle can tow its RV. However, RV Wala provides insurance on the RV, which is listed on the website and not on the mobile used for towing the RV.

No, we do not charge any deductible to the guest at the time of RV pick-up until
and unless there is an insurance claim. In the case of Insurance, a deductible
will get charged.

If you need to change the email address associated with your RV Wala account, you’ll need to email with the request. Please include your current email address and the new email address you wish to use to log in to your account in your email. When the update gets completed, you will receive
an email.

We use Stripe for all reservations. To learn more about Stripe’s security measures, click here.

Guests on RV Wala should keep all communication with hosts within the RV Wala site to prevent fraudulent activity from happening. We encourage guests to be mindful of their conversations with hosts. RV Wala hosts should never ask
for payment in advance outside of the RV Wala website. Furthermore, all RV Wala emails will include the “” domain at the end of their email address.

If you notice any suspicious activity, please report it immediately to or call 1-306-241-0969.

RV Wala now allows guests to ask the host a question to get more information before enquiring.

You can ask a question by scrolling down the RV listing page and clicking on the “Q&A” section on the right. To use this feature on our site, you must have already created an RV Wala account. You will get noticed via email once the host replies.

To see the available dates for rent, scroll down past the RV’s features, and you will and a calendar. Anything greyed out is unavailable. Unavailable dates can occur due to pre-bookings, date lock by the host, etc.

RV Wala customers pay nightly rates instead of daily rates. This results in substantially lower costs for the guest. Rental rates, damage waiver fees, and 24/7 roadside assistance are all charged at night.
The following is a hypothetical illustration of nightly versus daily rates:

An example of a nightly rate is:
The damage waiver fee for a Class A RV is $70 per night.
On March 3rd, Greg picks up a Class A RV at 11 am and returns it at 11 am on March 4th. The payment is $70 for Greg.

Daily Rate Example:
The damage waiver fee for a Class A RV is $70 per day.
On March 3rd, Greg picks up a Class A RV and returns it on March 4th. A total of $140 Greg paid.

There is a clear difference between the two.

We do not possess any particular restrictions. However, we have an age limit of between 25 years- 70 years old who can get insured under our insurance program present on our website.

Using the rented recreational vehicle for the following purposes is prohibited, and you will be held 100% liable for any damages caused.
• When travelling outside of the United States or Canada,
• Visit Mexico,
• Fraudulently obtaining RV Wala insurance including, but not limited to, not answering honestly to our driver qualification questions or using a false or altered driver’s license,
• Chasing storms or observing natural weather phenomena, or otherwise intentionally going into a dangerous area,
• When used in a race or speed contest,
• In livery service, passengers transported for consideration (for hire or pay),
• For touring musical bands,
• In connection with illicit trade or transportation,
• Transporting goods or cargo for consideration (for hire or pay),
• Giving away title or possession improperly, whether or not induced by any fraudulent scheme, trick, device, or false pretence,
• Whether written or verbal, wrongful conversion, embezzlement, or
secretion by an instrument.

Please feel free to contact us at +1-306-241-0969 or mail us at to initiate the claim. Further, you require to
fill in the proper insurance form and follow the guidelines to make a claim.

We will process and schedule payments as follows:

Timeline of transactions
1. I have sent an inquiry.
To book an RV, guests can search for and contact a host.
2. Confirmation from the host
The host confirms and sends it to the guest for payment.

3. Making a reservation
The guest pays the booking deposit (or the amount if less than seven days before arrival).
4. Ten days before check-in
Reminder to the guest that the balance will charge in 3 days.
5. Check-in 7 days in advance
The remaining balance of the booking charges to the guest.
6. Three days before check-in
A reminder of Reservation to the guest and host
7. Arrive and check-in
A guest checks in, the host runs through the Check-In process with the guest, and a security deposit is authorized.
8. The day after check-in host’s funds are released (100% of the rental rate plus any add-ons purchased by the guest plus any sales tax charged to the guest).The host is responsible for remitting sales tax.
9. Check-out
The host runs through the Check Out process and notes any damages. The amount owed on Check Out charging against the damage deposit.
10. The day after check-out
Reviewing each other is encouraged between the host and guest.
11. After two days of checking out
Release of any additional charges to the host, and the release
balance is to the guest. Deadlines are there for insurance claims.

Discount Programs

Now you can enroll in the RV Wala Perks program, which offers discounts to well-known brands and destinations you trust.

Here’s how it works:
• Create a profile and rent an RV, trailer, or 5th wheel.

• You will receive an email with information regarding the RV Wala Perks Program.
• You will receive an email with a Member ID, instructions, and the website to enroll in the program.
• Discounts will be available once you enroll.
• Weekly emails will feature seasonal and popular discounts on local and online shopping, dining, services, entertainment, travel, and more!
• After each rental, customers get entitled to these fabulous discounts for 12 months.
RV Wala Perks: Why Enroll?
• Discounts negotiate privately.
• A mobile app makes it easy to find discounts.
• You can save up to 50% on everyday items.

Going RVing

Our Protection Plan rates are comparable to or lower than other RV rental protection products with inferior coverage because we have the highest damage protection levels.

At our Protection Plan, nightly rates range from $40 for trailer vehicles up to $70 for a Class A RV; these typically cost more than $200,000 new. With car rentals, you may be familiar with paying between $25-$35 for supplemental damage protection on a compact car simply as an extra insurance policy; your regular insurance already covers you.

But when it comes to RV rentals, your car insurance does not apply, and these plans provide all necessary coverage starting from the ground up. We are confident that you will and our negotiated rates advantageous.

Also, remember that with our Protection Plans, you get the industry’s highest coverage rate, up to $1 million in liability coverage, and a cap on your out-of-pocket expenses if your RV is damaged by $200,000 or more. You can read the one print on other RV rental insurance packages. Most only cover up to $500,000 or worse, with state minimums of only $20,000.

If the rented RV suffers any damage during your trip, our Damage Contracts cap your out-of-pocket expenses for repairs at a reimbursement deposit ranging from $3,500 for Class A RVs to $1,000 for Travel Trailers. This rate is comparable to regular car coverage but better as it applies to only one transaction instead of being spread throughout several years of payments. In addition, taking out a Protection Plan with one of these Damage Contracts won’t affect your car insurance fees.

Check out our RV Protection Plans Overview for more information on RV Protection Plans during your rental.

Our company does not own any RVs or compete with any of our Hosts or Guests. We provide an independent marketplace for RV hosts to list their RVs for sale or rent, and we make renting simply by providing safe and fair terms for all parties. RV owners and dealers arrange the rental directly with you, the Guest. All we have to do is provide the tools to make it safe and easy.

We have industry-leading comprehensive insurance, covering you for up to $1 million in liability and up to $200,000. RV Wala makes RVing easy, and we have you covered. Some don’t have insurance at all or may only have state minimums (in most states, that’s only $20,000 in total liability and property damage). And almost your regular car insurance will not apply, so you could end up ruined financially and medically if you get into an accident on another site.
1. RV Wala offers thousands of RV rental listings.
2. Upon finding the perfect RV for your trip, create an account with RV Wala, send an inquiry and communicate with the Host to finalize any additional details.
3. Upon accepting the reservation, you will get noticed to make the
necessary payments. Our credit card processing company (Stripe) holds the funds until you check in, releasing them when you feel satisfied.
4. You can and should upload any photos or notes concerning pre-existing damage to your RV Wala Account profile under My Trips.

5. Have a great trip!

In the event of an accident, you should first call emergency services (911) and then refer to our article What happens if there is an accident? It will help you to figure out what to do next.

If the RV is unavailable for any reason or does not meet our Rental Satisfaction Guaranty Policy, we will not release the funds to the Host until you accept pickup. Your rental payment will get refunded. Upon returning the RV, we will refund the damage deposit if there is no damage, or we will release the damage amount to the Host and the remaining balance to you if there is damage.

If you wish to check in electronically, bring up your reservation on your phone and click the appropriate boxes to finish the process.

Your reservation includes a check-in checklist. You need to confirm each item before proceeding. You and the host will check the boxes and take a ‘before’ reading of the odometer and generator hours (if applicable).

• The host has confirmed the driver’s license(s) of the guest(s) and additional drivers (upload photo).
• Inspection of the exterior
• Inspection of the interior
• The use of exterior and levelling systems
• All tanks and water systems must be used and refilled.

• Utilization of kitchen and interior systems
• Double safety chains, lights, and towing mirrors (check if n/a)
• Familiarity with driving an RV gained by the guest
• Backing up with Spotter Test (Guest understands that backing up
without a spotter is reckless and that any damages caused are
deductible at $20,000.)

You should take a walk around the inside and outside of the RV and document any pre-existing damage to the RV, just like you would when you rent a car (take photos with your phone camera, so there is no dispute on who caused the damage). During the rental, you are responsible for paying the deductible. If there is any pre-existing damage, you should document it and upload photos and notes on the check-in form.

Your RV owner should also ensure you fully understand how the RV works. Take your time, and you’ll have a great time!

The 24/7 Roadside Assistance is also highly recommended. It provides 24/7 support in case of a breakdown and free tow to a service station that can fix the RV, but it also offers you 24/7 support from RVing experts on how to use the RV. How to turn on the microwave, how to work the awning, they will answer all of your questions.

Almost always, rental car coverage offered by credit cards does not apply to RV rentals. Ensure you check your credit card terms and conditions to confirm if you have insurance coverage.

Your Account and Profile

Some platforms allow you to speak directly with the Host or Guest before a transaction takes place and request payment outside.


RV Wala does not hold charges for any loss or damage resulting from transactions outside the RV Wala platform and our payment processing partner.

To learn more about Stripe’s security measures, click here. RV Wala uses ONLY STRIPE as our payment processor.

The only way to make a payment is through our Reservations page. RV Wala will never initiate a payment request through a call or email. If in case, there are issues with your payment Concierge Department will assist you.

As stated in another article – How Do I Know If My Payment Is Secure, we strongly encourage guests to be mindful of their communication with hosts on RV Wala. Keep all communication within our website to prevent fraudulent activity.

RV Wala hosts should NEVER ask you for payment beforehand outside of our website. In addition, RV Wala emails always contain the domain “”.

Once you open your account confirmation email, click on the option to “unmark” the email as “spam” so that future emails appear in your regular inbox. Therefore, you will start getting emails in your inbox.

Even though your VIN does not appear in the listing, we use it to ensure each listing is unique. We use this identifier to process inquiries, rental transactions, as well as the waiver fee for damage.

Since RV Wala is a community marketplace built on trust and safety, we require all hosts to upload a profile photo we ask guests to do the same. A profile is like a resume, which you can see before booking and is a great way to learn more about them.

Booking with RV Wala is easy when both the host and guest have complete profiles with legitimate photos. It helps create trust and strengthens the spirit of RVing. Ensure your profile is attractive to potential guests or hosts, and include at least one profile image. Click on someone’s profile photo to view their details. A more comprehensive profile increases the chances of receiving reservations.

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